I'll try to give a brief explanation

We use a points system based on production.

Every point scored counts as 1 fantasy point

Each Offensive rebound = 2 fantasy points

Each Defensive rebound = 1.5 fantasy points

Each Assist = 2 fantasy points

Each Steal = 2 fantasy points

Each Block = 2.5 fantasy points

Each Turnover = -1.5 fantasy points

Each Technical Foul = -1 fantasy point

Each Personal Fould = -.5 fantasy points

The game is set up to be as close to a real NBA as you can get.

Each NBA game is 48 minutes long & there are 5 players on the court as all times, so they take 48 x 5 & come up with a 240 minute game. Since there is only one player at center, you are given 48 center minutes to fill. Each forward position requires a total of 48 minutes & since you'll be playing an entire game with 2 forwards, thats 96 minutes. Same with the guards, 48 x2 =96.

Add them up.

48 center minutes
96 forward minutes
96 guard minutes

240 total minutes

Doesn't matter if you play 2 point guards or 2 off guards. You could play 2 small forwards or 2 power forwards. You're the coach, its up to you.

Some players are able to play multiple positions. Much like the Pacers Mike Dunleavy or Jermaine O'Neal. You'll see below why these players are important.

So you need to draft, use the waiver wire, trade or pull from the free agent pool, players that play enough minutes with quality production to help you score as many fantasy points as possible, using the 240 minute game clock.

Here is an example of a 12 player roster:

1. C Kendrick Perkins (BOS)
2. CF Pau Gasol (MEM)
3. CF Nick Collison (SEA)
4. G Kobe Bryant (LAL)
5. G Andre Miller (PHI)
6. G Kirk Hinrich (CHI)
7. GF Mike Miller (MEM)
8. F Ryan Gomes (BOS)
9. F Anderson Varej„o (CLE)
10. F LaMarcus Aldridge (POR)
11. F Andrea Bargnani (TOR)
12. F Rudy Gay (MEM)

I have my line up set like this for a certain reason.

When the computer starts scoring your game it starts with the player you have listed #1 in your lineup.

I have Perkins listed first because he was the only player on my team that only played center. Lets say Perkins played 22 minutes. All of his fantasy points would count for that game. Since you have 48 center minutes to fill & Perkins played 22, you still have 26 minutes remaining to complete at center.

Next is Gasol. Lets say Gasol played 36 minutes. Since I have him listed as a CF, the computer would take 26 of his minutes & use them to complete your 48 minutes at the center position.

The remaining 10 minutes of Gasol game would count toward filling your 96 minutes at the forward spot.

The computer would break down Gasol's fantasy points on a per minute basis & then multiply that number by 26 for the center minutes & 10 for the forward minutes.

Sounds a lot more difficult than it really is.

If I had listed Gasol as a FC then all his minutes would have been used as a forward, leaving me short at center. So, its very important that you list your multi-position players correctly.

Next on the list is Collison, listed as a CF. Since my center minutes are complete, all of Collisons numbers will count as a forward. I still have 86 minutes to fill. I started with 96 & Gasol played 10 so I'm down to 86. Collison plays 29 so I still have 57.

Next are my all star guard lineup. Of my 96 guard minutes, Kobe plays 40, leaving me 56. Andre Miller plays 37, leaving me just 19 to complete my guard minutes. Hinrich plays 35 so this is how the computer handles that. It takes Hinrichs production & divides it by the minutes he plays. Then takes his "per minute" number & multiples it by the 19 minutes I still have remaining at the guard spot. The rest of Hinrichs numbers are unused.

So, another important tip. Per minute numbers are very important in this game. Also, the order you have them listed in your lineup. You'd want to make sure that your best players are listed first.

I'll try to be more brief with the rest of the lineup.

Mike Miller is next, listed as a GF but since my guard minutes are filled, all of Millers numbers will count at forward. I have 57 forward minutes to fill. Miller plays 39, leaving me 18 minutes remaining.

Ryan Gomes plays 31 so the computer divides is fantasy game by 31 then multiples it by 18 to fill the remaining minutes I have at forward.

In this example 13 minutes of Gomes fantasy numbers will not count in my game total.

None of the other players on my team will have their fantasy points count either since players ahead of them in my lineup have played all the available minutes for that game.

Like I said before, in practice it is soooooo much easier.

We have alot of guys still reading this board that can help answer your questions, if my explnations seem muddled. I have zero problem with that. As long as you have an idea of how the scoring is done before the season starts.