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Thread: Keeper League Draft 10/20/07

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    Default Keeper League Draft 10/20/07

    OK everyone, after hearing back from 19 owners I've settled on October 20 as draft day.

    Details are:

    Keeper League Fantasy Draft
    Saturday, October 20
    8:00 a.m. Eastern (Indianapolis) Time

    I'll add more details later but basically we'll hold the draft live on this board.

    Tough call between the 13th and 20th. The 27th had 6 3rd place votes and the most people who absolutely couldn't make it so it was eliminated pretty easily. The decider was that 4 people listed the 13th as their 3rd preference while none listed the 20th.

    Chill, Kraft and maybe Ken - I can draft for you or if you prefer, any other member you want can draft. Just get him or her a list.

    Finally, this sets the deadline to get your 9-player lists to me by the evening of Saturday the 13th. Let's call it by 9 p.m. Indy time. That gives me Sunday to send out reminders. That was another reason in favor of the 20th BTW - if we went with the 13th that deadline would be less than a week away.

    Hopefully I can get the PL's out to everyone Sunday night, the 14th.

    I'll send an e-mail out to everyone along with the summer rosters - you should have those already, but just in case.
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