Well,its never too early to start getting your team ready.I already drafted a team..heres what I got.

PG Deron Williams
SG Manu Ginobili
G Ben Gordon
SF Peja Stojakovic
PF Tim Duncan
F Chris Bosh
C Jermaine O'Neal
C Tyson Chandler

Delonte West
Jameer Nelson
Boris Diaw
Channing Frye
Andris Biedrins

(I think I got a really good team,I know how it happened.There was a blazers fan in there and he took STEVE BLAKE #1,and Lamarcus Aldridge #2.)

So it kinda threw the draft off.

I actually didnt end up getting a sf in the draft,so I did some research and it sounds like peja is ready for the season and he wasnt even drafted,so I figured id take a chance.Hopefully I dont end up like Donnie and Larry did when they took the same risk.