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Thread: Attention Hoosiers! - Visiting IU

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    Default Attention Hoosiers! - Visiting IU

    Kat and I are considering attending IU for grad school, her in Speech and Hearing Sciences, myself in History and/or Library Science. To that end, we are planning a trip to Bloomington this fall to peruse these schools and the campus itself. We'll be going on October 8. We're not really into the official guided tour scene, so we're going it ourselves.

    While we both know some things, we don't claim to know much. So, experts in IU-Bloomington, what are you favorite parts of campus? Favorite places to hang out? Best establishments and/or eateries? Basically, what shouldn't I miss? Anyone have insights into the History, Library Science, or Speech/Hearing Science programs?
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    Default Re: Attention Hoosiers! - Visiting IU

    I can't help you with your grad schools but here are places you shouldn't miss...

    Mother Bear's-Best pizza in Indiana and the second best pizza place I have ever eaten at behind Gulliver's in Chicago.
    Assembly Hall-Really cool place to visit if you're into sports history.

    If you're into the bar scene, Nick's and Kilroy's are pretty cool. Especially Nick's the 8th is a Monday so it probably won't be too crazy.

    The arboretum should be really beautiful this time of year so thats a cool place to walk through. Showalter fountain is also kind of a landmark.

    Might as well check out the library while you're down here. Its hard to miss right in the middle of campus and its huge.

    Oh yeah and parking is a *****. If you park in a D, A, or C spot you will be ticketed and those run 40 dollars a pop. And by October they will probably be ticketing the E lots as well. Your best bet might just be to bite the bullet and park at the union. Which while they charge out the wazoo for parking won't charge you more than 20 bucks for a day.

    Overrall just enjoy the campus and hope that its not raining.

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    Default Re: Attention Hoosiers! - Visiting IU

    Nick's and Kilroy's are pretty nice. I'd avoid the strip clubs, though.
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    Default Re: Attention Hoosiers! - Visiting IU

    IU? Great! Now if I want to visit you guys I only have to drive.....

    God damn it.

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    Default Re: Attention Hoosiers! - Visiting IU

    There are tons of great places to eat, and most of the usual suspects are on Kirkwood Drive which is essentially 5th street in Bloomington.

    Nick's- This is the Bloomington Cheers. Stromboli and pizza are my favorites.

    Kilroys- There is Kilroys the original on Kirkwood and they have a Sports bar on College. This has a higher percentage of Frat/Sorority members as it is so close to campus.

    Trojan Horse- Great Greek food.

    Michael's Uptown Cafe- Good food and a real nice atmosphere.

    Crazy Horse- Big supply of Adult beverages.

    Irish Lion- Good Irish food... right by the Crazy Horse.

    Janko's Little Zagreb- Right around the corner of Crazy Horse... GREAT steak. Very thick and I recommend the sirloin for two. I believe the cross street with Kirkwood is Morton.

    Campus Hangouts

    IU Memorial Union- This is probably a great place to start as it is a very nice union building. You can bowl, there is a hotel, and in general just lots of college hangouts.

    The Library- At 10th and Jordan... very nice library.

    The Fountain- Right by Woodburn Hall... this is where people gather after championships.

    HYPER- Find out what the latest and greatest is for the IU fitness facilities. They are very nice.

    There are also lots of various venues for taking in opera, musical, etc. as you will find with many college towns. As many rate IU with the #1 music school in the country, there is some pretty quality entertainment at an affordable price... if you are in to that sort of thing.

    In general you can have fun walking around campus and it is one of the most beautiful I think you will find. However, the negative is that is very spread out. Just keep that in mind when you book classes, thought it will be unimportant if all your classes are in the Law building.

    Good Luck! My wife is from B'town and I graduated from there so... I'm a fan.
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    Default Re: Attention Hoosiers! - Visiting IU

    Pretty comprehensive list, swing by Forest, and I'll say hey. I second the Trojan Horse, btw.

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    Default Re: Attention Hoosiers! - Visiting IU

    Dern it! Oct 8....Jr was going to make a visitation to either IU or Michigan. We chose Michigan. Well, I guess Bloomington couldn't handle too many PD'ers being there at once anyway.
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