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Thread: Well someone shoot the ball? Pleassssssse

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    Default Well someone shoot the ball? Pleassssssse

    Dont get me wrong Detroit's defense is really good and one of the top three, BUT it is pretty easy to stop a team that wont shoot the freaking ball. People keep saying how we have a deep team and i believe we do. Then someway we have got to have the others step up and play. No we dont want the pacers to just chuck up shots but we have to at least let Detroit know we are not going to be timid about shooting the ball. Also i noticed when Jermaine's kicks the ball out that the players he throws it to has a shot, but no we make the extra pass taking more time off the shot clock. We need to shoot the ball more when we are open rather than running the clock down. I would almost rather the pacers play street ball. At least they would be shooting and having fun. We look like a team defeated.


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    Default Re: Well someone shoot the ball? Pleassssssse

    Against the Pistons type of defense in a playoff series like this you often cannot run the play you want a get a decent shot. You need someone who can create something out of nothing, and that is why Artest is so important.

    When the lkaers offense breaks down, and they can't get the ball to Shaq, the give it to Kobe late in the shot clock and he creates a decent shot. That is the type of player you need.

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