Whew. My heart is still racing. Why can't Detroit seem to hold a lead? I guess they just like to make things interesting.

RSheed deserved a T for the way he was reacting to the ref calls... that I will conceed. However, I then think you Pacer fans should conceed that at least one, and maybe two, of those calls down the stretch on him were very weak.

Indy's bench is better than Detroit's. They almost single-handily stole this game. And for that, I expect to see a lot of them in game 4.

RIP is our saving grace. Without him, we would be toast. I'm quite disappointed that you aren't seeing the best in the rest of our group. Truly the Pistons, much like the Pacers, can play much better.

The refs... eh... why bother.

Indy seems to be getting a little frustrated. Case in point, Reggie giving the ball a boot at the end of the game. I think they need to get a lead early in game 4 or they might be in trouble.

Ron Artest looks better with his head shaved.

The NBA is still better than American Idol.

I must work now. Best of luck in game 4.