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Keiaho suprised me. I dont think he can keep it up tho. And @ Jason David.
Well, shows what you know then. Every time Keiaho has played for us he has been a ball of energy and has always tackled very well.

It is not a surprise that he played that well and he will continue to improve all year.

Rob Morris on the other hand, I was shocked by. I know he played well last year in the playoffs, but I really expected him to be a weak link because, well you know, he's Rob Morris. Hopefully that fire has really been lit under his *** and he is going to continue to play this well.

How bout Kenton Keith? Looked great each time he touched the ball, has a nice feel for how to run it. I have no qualms with him being our number 2 back.

I knew Gonzo wasn't going to do much in this first game, but his catches are just going to increase every week. I think by weak 10 or 11 we will see Peyton looking his way quite a bit, and he will end up taking some load off of Addai because Peyton will have to checkdown to Joe less when Peyton and Marvin are covered. Gonzo and Dallas are going to catch so many balls in the middle of the field this year, it will be fun to watch.

Joe Addai = superstar, but that's nothing we didn't already know.

All around tremendous start to the year, we look unbeatable, let's hope it continues.