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Thread: The Future for the Fever

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    Default The Future for the Fever

    First of all, the injury to Catch looked really altering bad. I'm really worried about it. Kravtiz says:

    "The latest medical word was this: a possible torn Achilles tendon. The worst news of all. She may not be back for a very long time. Even the 2008 Beijing Olympics are very much up in the air."

    Second, apparently Catchings, DeForge, Sam, Tamika Whitmore and Tammy Sutton-Brown are unrestricted free agents now. Ack!

    Does anyone have any idea if Catch and company have any particular leanings? I'm sure there are multiple teams that would love to take her off our hands, provided she heals up well.

    Man. It really feels like this was the year.

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