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Thread: Colt's Make Final Cuts

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    Default Colt's Make Final Cuts

    I guess the most surprising if you listened to the Colt's management going into preseason would be DeDe Dorsey. But I thought Kenton Keith definitely outplayed him and looked much stronger. It kind of would surprise me if they only kept two backs though. Former Purdue receiver John Standeford got cut also. I thought he looked pretty decent in the preseason but I guess they just had too many other receivers. I'm shocked Luke Lawton made the final cut. I thought he was merely training camp fodder.
    Saturday, September 1
    By John Oehser -

    Dorsey, Dawson Among Colts Roster Moves to 53 Players
    INDIANAPOLIS - The Colts made 22 necessary roster moves on Saturday, a list that included a few names familiar to Colts fans and a few surprises. It also included some players who have been around the Colts a while.
    DeDe Dorsey. Bo Schobel. Ryan LaCasse.
    John Standeford. Matt Ulrich.

    All earned Super Bowl rings with the Colts last season and all were let go Saturday as the Colts trimmed their roster from 75 to the league-mandated 53 in preparation for the 2007 NFL regular season.

    Among the most notable players released?

    Dorsey, a second-year veteran who competed with Canadian Football League veteran Kenton Keith and rookie free agent Clifton Dawson throughout 2007 Training Camp and preseason for the backup running back position behind starter Joseph Addai.

    Keith rushed for 64 yards on 12 preseason carries, and Dorsey rushed for 76 yards on 28 carries while Dawson rushed for 48 yards on 12 carries.
    Dawson also was released, as were the following players

    Linebacker Brandon Archer, quarterback Josh Betts, defensive back Duane Coleman, defensive back TanardDavis, tight end Matt Farbotko, tight end Jonny Harline, linebacker KaMichael Hall, LaCasse, offensive guard Joe Lobdell, defensive tackle Ramel Meekins, defensive back Antonio Perkins, tight Gijon Robinson, Schobel, wide receiver Trent Shelton, Standeford, wide receiver Craphonso Thorpe, Ulrich, defensive back Scott Ware, offensive guard Sam Wilder and linebacker Victor Worsley.

    Schobel, a defensive end, also spent all or part of last season on the Colts' active roster, as did LaCasse (defensive end) and Standeford, a wide receiver who spent the last three seasons on the Colts’ practice squad. Ulrich, an offensive guard, signed with the Colts late last season, and was inactive throughout the playoffs.

    Other non-drafted players making the Colts’ active roster for the first time included:
    Defensive back Melvin Bullitt, defensive end Jeff Charleston, linebacker Ramon Guzman, defensive tackle Ed Johnson and fullback Luke Lawton.
    Johnson started all four preseason games for the Colts, and Guzman and Bullitt made impressions on special teams.
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    Default Re: Colt's Make Final Cuts

    Looks like this is the opening day roster for New Orleans:

    29 Addai, Joseph RB 5-11 214 2 LSU D1-06 PHOTOS
    41 Bethea, Antoine DB 5-11 203 2 Howard D6b-06 PHOTOS
    50 Boiman, Rocky LB 6-4 236 6 Notre Dame FA-06 PHOTOS
    58 Brackett, Gary LB 5-11 235 5 Rutgers FA-03 PHOTOS
    79 Brock, Raheem DT 6-4 274 6 Temple FA-02 PHOTOS
    39 Bullitt, Melvin DB 6-1 201 R Texas A&M FA-07 PHOTOS
    60 Charleston, Jeff DE 6-4 265 1 Idaho State FA-07 PHOTOS
    44 Clark, Dallas TE 6-3 252 5 Iowa D1-03 PHOTOS
    32 Coe, Michael DB 6-0 190 R Alabama State D5b-07 PHOTOS
    42 Condren, Brannon DB 6-1 205 R Troy D4b-07 PHOTOS
    61 Dawson, Keyunta DE 6-3 254 R Texas Tech D7-07 PHOTOS
    71 Diem, Ryan OT 6-6 320 7 Northern Illinois D4-01 PHOTOS
    76 Federkeil, Daniel OT 6-6 290 2 Calgary FA-06 PHOTOS
    81 Fletcher, Bryan TE 6-5 230 3 UCLA FA-05 PHOTOS
    93 Freeney, Dwight DE 6-1 268 6 Syracuse D1-02 PHOTOS
    57 Gandy, Dylan OG 6-3 302 3 Texas Tech D4a-05 PHOTOS
    43 Giordano, Matt DB 5-11 200 3 California D4b-05 PHOTOS
    11 Gonzalez, Anthony WR 6-0 193 R Ohio State D1-07 PHOTOS
    52 Guzman, Ramon LB 6-2 232 R Buffalo FA-07 PHOTOS
    56 Hagler, Tyjuan LB 6-0 236 2 Cincinnati D5c-05 PHOTOS
    83 Hall, Roy WR 6-3 240 R Ohio State D5a-07 PHOTOS
    88 Harrison, Marvin WR 6-0 185 12 Syracuse D1-96 PHOTOS
    26 Hayden, Kelvin DB 6-0 195 3 Illinois D2-05 PHOTOS
    20 Hughes, Dante DB 5-10 190 R California D3a-07 PHOTOS
    28 Jackson, Marlin DB 6-0 196 3 Michigan D1-05 PHOTOS
    27 Jennings, Tim DB 5-8 185 2 Georgia D2-06 PHOTOS
    74 Johnson, Charlie OT 6-4 305 2 Oklahoma State D6a-06 PHOTOS
    62 Johnson, Ed DT 6-2 296 R Penn State FA-07 PHOTOS
    54 Keiaho, Freddy LB 5-11 226 2 San Diego State D3-06 PHOTOS
    36 Keith, Kenton RB 5-11 210 1 New Mexico State FA-07 PHOTOS
    90 Klecko, Dan DT 5-11 275 5 Temple W-06 (NE) PHOTOS
    45 Lawton, Luke RB 6-0 240 1 McNeese State FA-07 -
    65 Lilja, Ryan OG 6-2 290 4 Kansas State W-04 (KC) PHOTOS
    18 Manning, Peyton QB 6-5 230 10 Tennessee D1-98 PHOTOS
    98 Mathis, Robert DE 6-2 245 5 Alabama A&M D5a-03 PHOTOS
    85 Moorehead, Aaron WR 6-3 200 5 Illinois FA-03 PHOTOS
    94 Morris, Rob LB 6-2 243 8 Brigham Young D1-00 PHOTOS
    97 Pitcock, Quinn DT 6-2 299 R Ohio State D3b-07 -
    95 Reid, Darrell DT 6-2 288 3 Minnesota FA-05 PHOTOS
    34 Rushing, T.J. DB 5-9 186 2 Stanford FA-06 PHOTOS
    21 Sanders, Bob DB 5-8 206 4 Iowa D2b-04 PHOTOS
    63 Saturday, Jeff C 6-2 295 9 North Carolina FA-99 PHOTOS
    73 Scott, Jake OG 6-5 295 4 Idaho D5a-04 PHOTOS
    55 Session, Clint LB 6-0 235 R Pittsburgh D4c-07 PHOTOS
    17 Smith, Hunter P 6-2 209 9 Notre Dame D7a-99 PHOTOS
    48 Snow, Justin TE 6-3 240 8 Baylor FA-00 PHOTOS
    12 Sorgi, Jim QB 6-5 196 4 Wisconsin D6b-04 PHOTOS
    91 Thomas, Josh DE 6-5 271 4 Syracuse FA-04 PHOTOS
    75 Toudouze, Michael OT 6-6 303 1 TCU FA-07 PHOTOS
    67 Ugoh, Tony OT 6-5 301 R Arkansas D2a-07 PHOTOS
    86 Utecht, Ben TE 6-6 251 4 Minnesota FA-04 PHOTOS
    04 Vinatieri, Adam K 6-0 202 12 South Dakota State UFA-06 (NE) PHOTOS
    87 Wayne, Reggie WR 6-0 198 7 Miami (Florida) D1b-01 PHOTOS
    UPDATED 09-01-2007

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    Default Re: Colt's Make Final Cuts

    Betts outplayed Sorgi IMO. Standeford looked like crap to me. Roy Hall clearly out played him. Our backup running backs suck. Picking between Keith and Dorsey is like picking between keystone and natty light.

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    Default Re: Colt's Make Final Cuts

    I thought Thorpe might make it as a return specialist. Interesting list of cuts.
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    Default Re: Colt's Make Final Cuts

    I love Natty Light.

    I'm the most surprised at Craphonso Thorpe. I mean, he has to have more value than Lawton, despite the lack of RB depth.

    The roster is horribly unbalanced. We're used to 2 QBs and 5 WRs, but 3 RBs and 11 DBs? Yikes.
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