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Thanks for all the work.

Sounds like option 2 is our best bet.

As Displaced Knick mentione above, the KL draft will be no biggie. Its just 3 rounds anyway. Theres seldom a trade in the KL but if we have one I'm sure it can be figured out.

If we don't get the ABA back up this fall at least we'll have something to build on down the road.
Yeah - IMO there are only 2 things the league itself has to do - set up matchups and calculate game scores. We can use this board as our trash talk page (be nice if we could get a special dispensation for 4-letter words but that's OK - I'll be nice to Scott if I HAVE to).

The KL is a different breed of cat - I can't tell you how impressed I am with the owners. The ABA's very good but the KL owners go a step above.

I don't think owners will be terribly upset if there isn't a player stats page - sports.ws didn't have one for a year or two. I think we're all able to calculate stats when considering trade deals/waiver pickups.

I do think we should have 3-4 people willing to enter trades and even manually update standings if we have to. Simple fact of from time to time I'll need to be gone for a few days at a time, particularly around Thanksgiving and this coming spring looks like several days in March. We'll have to figure out a schedule for who is "on duty" and a time for owners to expect those updates to be put in.

Unfortunately, I'm for crap when it comes to database management and scripting/coding. I can do simple html so if standings was a matter of updating and uploading a page I'm good - same for trade and roster pages. And teaching others, or putting together a template page for those wouldn't be a big deal.

I'm sure we'll talk details down the road but I am psyched - we can make this work.