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Thread: Fever/Old Pacers...Oh, The Similarities!

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    Default Fever/Old Pacers...Oh, The Similarities!

    As I watched the 3OT game on Thursday (end of regulation and all 3 OT periods), I overheard one of the announcers make a comparison between the Fever's SG DeForge and Reggie Miller. At first, I was like, "Y'all are just reachin'." I admit I hadn't had very many opportunities to catch a Fever's game on TV, but even in those few I did see I never made that connection. Until today...

    I watched the first half of their Game 2 playoff matchup against the Connecticut Suns and that's when I saw it.

    @ SG - DeForge = Reggie Miller

    @ PG - Bevilaqua = Mark Jackson

    It was as if I were back in time watching Reggie and Jax execute the high screens again to perfection! Bevilaqua executed the offensive magnificently in both games, but she really out did herself in Game 2 pushing the tempo, setting picks, making crisp passes. And DeForge! That girl can shot the rock! And she plays with so much passion. I kept looking at the screen thinking to myself, "This isn't women's basketball. No way!" That is until Whitemore would throw up a wild, out of control shot under the basket miss or Catchings would make a nice crossover move, but couldn't finish. Then I'd be like, "Yep, it's the ladies alright. " But man can they play!

    Those girls switched on defense constantly, always playing unselfishly. It was then that I couldn't help asking myself, "Can my Pacers ever execute and play unselfishly they way this Fever team is playing right now?"

    This I know for sure: This Indianapolis Fever team has come to play! And for the first time, I'm feeling the Fever!

    You go, girls!

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    Default Re: Fever/Old Pacers...Oh, The Similarities!

    Fundamentals are a hallmark of most women's basketball. They did a good job.
    The best exercise of the human heart is reaching down and picking someone else up.

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