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This is a very touchy subject and there are many different avenues of thought relating to it. One thing that bothers me however is that for some reason the idea that an animal being killed (needlessly) is not as bad as the same thing happening to a human.

All creatures have as much right to life as do humans. Now we're all humans, so obviously human beings generally feel stronger about the death of another human as it's "our" species. However, we have no more of a right to life than does any other creature.

Yes, we eat meat and use the bodies of animals for other products, but I'm talking about needless death here. Humans are the most dominant species on earth and nature dictates that the strong survive. That's just the way it is. However, the torture and death of animals in relation to sport and entertainment is needless.

I know a lot of people may disagree or even be offended by my point of view, but I don't see how we as humans are any more "important" or valuable than any animal.

Vick in my mind is a murderer, just the same as someone who kills another human being. Animals feel fear and pain just like humans.

Phooey...and double Phooey

Do you think a pitbull would care for one second about another creature's
right to life???

Try asking a pitbull attack victim, or parent of a child who has been
attacked, or pet owner who has had their pet killed by a pitbull what
they might think.

I'll help you out here. Take a look at these links for a little more info on
pitbulls, and the devastation their attacks cause:



While Vick participated in eliminating pitbulls for the wrong reasons, he still
unwittingly did society a favor by doing so. He should not have had them
in the first place.

It simply amazes me how many folks out here talk about these dogs as if
they are Aunt Bessie's fluffly little Pomeranian. Pitbulls are different from
other dogs, and other types of Bull Terriers. They have been specifically
and intentionally bred for strong tendancies to viciously attack other dogs.
If they become excited or aggitated, they very often will not differentiate
between a dog or some other creature.

If it means saving even one precious innocent child from having
their face brutally ripped off by a pitbull, then I fully support efforts
to eradicate this breed of dog by whatever means neccessary.
Furthermore, I fully support legislation that would criminalize the
breeding and ownership of pitbulls.

Want to eliminate the dog fighting? Want to eliminate life-long devastation
to families caused by pitbull attacks? Then eliminate the pitbull breed.

Now if anyone wants to disagree with this stance, that is fine with me.
They can do so until they are blue in the face.