Up until today, I would not have put this on the Pacers thread. But while driving today I heard Stephon Marbury on the radio defending Michael Vick and stupidly questioning why hunters and packing houses aren't held in the same contempt. This comes on the heals of Falcons Ray Buchanan pretty much parroting the same argument.

Question #1 - are these people just stupid? I can't imagine an agent or PR person not telling their client to stay completely away from this topic. The statements made by these two (and there have been others before them) completely baffle me considering the overwhelming public sentiment on the issue.

Question #2 - Why are the comments coming only from black athletes? Are white athletes (Michelle Tafoya's question to Manning aside) not being asked the question or are they just not commenting?

If I were one of the above athletes agents I would have had a freaking heart attack.