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Thread: Hypothetically Thinking.....

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    If the Pacers were to acquire Bynum, how could they afford to resign him? He and Granger have one year left on their contracts, if they are able to pull off Odom, how are they going to resign him too. All of their money will be tied up into Murphy, Dunleavy, and Tinsley. Financially, I don't see how they can afford to pull off an Odom/Bynum trade and expect to resign Granger and Bynum, unless they can move Dunleavy, Murphy, or Tinsley, thanks to Larry.

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    Default Re: Hypothetically Thinking.....

    I hate to break it to you but the JO to the Lakers trade has been dead for over a month now.

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    Read the title, Hypothetically Thinking.

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    First of all, we wouldn't re-sign Odom. Second of all, we wouldn't have Jermaine's max contract anymore. Third, this wouldn't be an issue for 2 more years, when the only contracts we would have would be Mel Mel Murphleavy's $28 Million.

    But it ain't happening, so it doesn't matter.
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    that was the reason I didnt want odom in the deal, give me bynum and some expiring K...

    But I don't even want it to happen anymore... Lets see how the season goes first.
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