Keeping with the blog style this year on PD some final thoughts.

I really hope Mike Coe #32 makes the team. The only player (not counting those forced to sign in the autograph tent) and Tony Dungy were the only Colts to sign after practice was over Sunday. I understand they signed a lot Saturday night and wanted to get out of there but, a little disappointed a few more didn't sign. Of course it doesn't help when the fans yell out would you give me your hat, your earring, or some hair. If a player has to step back because you have just about shoved a football in their nose they are not real happy.

Had a male fan (in his 20s) say to Robert Mathis "I would do anything for a sweatband". I look at Mathis and say "Wow, uh...that's pretty twisted" and shake my head. Mathis looks at me and says "Thanks for having my back" and decides he has signed enough.

Back to the hair. Yes a fan actually asked for some cut hair and had a plastic baggy to put it in if a player was crazy enough to do it.

Look for coach Teerlinck to be driving an ATV with handle breaks next season instead of a golf cart. Just one look at this guys legs shows football has one heck of a price to pay to play this game. Seriously looked like stitching from the Corpse Bride movie. Anyway, it's so painful just to push the brake pedal he's hoping a handle break would help. Man has a great sense of humor and has no regrets because of his love for the sport. I can honestly say no way in my opinion would it ever be worth it.

Another snake story cause I like em.....Between the main sports facility and dining hall is a pedestrian bridge the players walk across. There is a small stream and for some reason a great number of fish seem to stay in the shadow of the bridge (maybe because it's cooler, and/or people have a habit of tossing food to them over the side). Over the last week it seemed more players would take longer to cross. Apparently it was common knowledge amongst the players there was a snake that liked to sun itself there. Before the final night practice a certain someone was there on the bridge watching this snake hiding in the water waiting on frogs or something. Just so happened there was pizza and a small slice was tossed into the water. The fish immediately went beserk going after it. The snake went into attack mode after the fish. I mean it looked like something they show on NG or Animal Planet. Within a short time there were 11 players standing on the bridge watching this snake and asking me to toss some more. As they walked off to practice later they were still talking about how cool it was watching this snake hunting it's prey. I have to admit I was having a good time watching this as well, but what really struck me know what, they're just like everybody else. I think sometimes television makes our sports people bigger than life when in fact they really are the next door neighbor but with more muscle.