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Thread: Another new feature

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    Default Another new feature

    This one allows you to report a PM to the administrators. Doing so will allow you to type up an explanation for why you are reporting this PM. The point is to provide a way or reporting when people harass/attack you privately, or when registered "members" start spamming/advertising through private messaging.

    Once you click the little red "yield" symbol (located the same place as it is to report a public post, in the left column at the bottom underneath the user's avatar and further information [next to the online/offline icon]), you'll be able to type in your explanation, and when you submit it, a thread will appear on our Admin board. It will contain your explanation and the PM you reported.

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    Default Re: Another new feature

    Awesome feature!
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    Default Re: Another new feature

    Does PMing Btown for child support count as harrassment?

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    Default Re: Another new feature

    Good new feature!

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