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Thread: the JO thread hurts my brain.

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    Default the JO thread hurts my brain.

    You know, I think I almost threw up after sifting through the 20+ new pages (from today only btw) of the JO rumours thread. My brain hurts. Is there any possibilty that when there is breaking news on the subject, we could have a new thread. After all, it was actual news, not just speculation. Lets face it, its really the only thing going on this offseason right now, its not like its really distracting from any of the other discussions currently going on.

    I realize people posted about 6 threads on the subject today alone, but maybe they could have been confined to this NEW thread pertaining to current news.

    just a suggestion of course.

    Of course I just stared intently at a computer screen for about 2 hours straight.. maybe its just the sheer level of activity.
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