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    What do we really want in return?

    expiring contracts?

    I think in a trade with the Warriors we can get it all.

    I know GSW will only trade one of Ellis/Bellinelli/Wright alongside bigger contracts so this is what I cooked up:



    2008 #1 pick
    Pietrus (S&T 14m 3 yrs)
    Jasikevicius (exp)
    Foyle (3 yrs remaining with last year a team option)

    Brandan Wright is the centerpiece of the deal. He has unlimited potential and is a project for the future. Diogu will get his chance at the PF spot untill Wright takes over.

    The 2008 #1 pick will probably be somewhere around #20 but this year there were still some good players available.

    Pietrus can play at the SG spot, he's a good defender and is a slasher like Daniels.

    I won't say anything about Jasikevicius, as most of you know how I think about him.

    Foyle adds to the bad contracts we already received from the Warriors but the main thing is that his contract expires when we need to resign Granger & Diogu.

    Our lineup after this trade:

    PG - Tinsley/Jasikevicius/Diener
    SG - Daniels/Pietrus/Rush
    SF - Granger/Dunleavy/Williams
    PF - Diogu/Murphy/Wright
    C - Foster/Foyle/Harrison

    I can live with that roster.
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