It is so nice to have broadband, really it is.

But..... when on a 256 Kb connection the loading of the board takes time like forever because of the size of avatars and sig files, one has to start to wonder.

When I'm on my 2 Mb connection I nay notice, of course not, wang bam thank you mam and the page is loaded.

Did ANY of you guys ever think of those people that are dependant on a dial-up?
Did you ever think of how you are gonna look at this forum when traveling and you have to make do with dial-up?

well for those who never tried it and who started their internet careers on a broadband connection and coming from someone who started out on the net on a 1200 bps modem: it is impossible.

I now notice sigs and avatars that are 1.2 1.4 and 1.7 Mb

yes you read that right, Mb.

lemme give an example, to load a thread with 8 posts, 3 of them having this ridiculous sized stuff, plus when it is a sig, usually the avatar is the same size, the total page to load is (avg) 18 Mb.

On a dial up 56kbps modem that would take ONE HOUR to download ONE THREAD.

I personally think that it is quite anti-social to do things like that, it shows a complete disregard for other fans that would love to partake in the discussion.

Yes I know one can turn of the avatars, and even pics, but...... it will still attempt to load the gif sigs, why ? because gifs are usually (why they were "invented" in the 1st place) very small, easy to load.

It would still take 15 minutes to load the above mentioned thread, don't even go in to one with more postings, open it when you go to bed, and read it when you wake up, the cost is something you simply have to bare.....

In a hotel that would set you back more then the cost of the room.

I kindly ask on behalf of my lesser blessed brethren, think about this matter and act accordingly.