Ricky took a year leave toking up, and living the hippie life during his time away from football, but Pac is looking to up him.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Just as he has on numerous other occasions Adam "Pacman" Jones made headlines again; however, it's not another run-in with law enforcement.

NewsChannel 5 Sports learned Sunday, that Jones, in the midst of his suspension from the NFL, may be seen in a wrestling ring near you in the coming weeks.

Sources said that Pacman has signed, or will soon sign, a contract with Nashville-based TNA -Total Non-stop Action Wrestling - which is headed by Jeff Jarrett of Hendersonville.

TNA is the same wrestling federation that former Titan, Frank Wycheck, wrestled for some weeks back. Jarrett was out of the country Sunday night, but will be back in Nashville Monday.

Pacman's agent, Michael Hughe, said he could neither confirm nor deny the story.

Where is Jerm when you need him?