Excuse the boring title to this thread, I could not come up with a good one.

My question is what is the most extreme thing you have done to watch a Pacer game either in person or on TV.

Have you called in sick to work in order to watch a game. Have you quit a job to watch a game. Have you choosen a career so you don't work nights so you can watch a game. Have you driven hours to watch a game

What is the most money you have ever spent to see a pacers game in person.

Hopefully you see what I am asking.

I certainly have taken a few vacation hours to watch a Pacers game, I did that last Monday.

The craziest thing I think I have done to watch a game was a few years back I forget the circumstances, but where I was living then I could not get the game on NBA League Pass, so I drove about an hour to get into WB4's viewing area, stopped at a hotel, asked if they could rent me a room for a few hours, they said they couldn't, (I guess it was not that type of hotel), so I paid a full nights rate, approx $60.00, watched the Pacers game, they lost, I drive back home.

When I choose a career, I did not want a job where I would be working evenings, nor did a want a job where I would be traveling in the evenings.

I once paid $100.00 for one ticket to watch the pacers play the Knicks game 6 of the 1994 eastern conference finals.

During the NBA season, if I go on vacation I either plan it around Pacers games, or I go during the allstar break.

I have a few other things I have done, but I'll leave it there for now