Alright. We all know that some people dismiss the WBNA as a whole right off the bat - who wants to watch girls play when you can watch the high-flying men instead?

I'm not addressing those people. What is there to say to them anyway?

I want to talk to people who say they love basketball in general, those who express a longing for solid fundamentals and teamwork, and even those who say they want to watch players of good character on the court. Then there are folks that like to watch a star in action, the bandwagoners who just want to follow a winning team, and the fans who are disgruntled about high NBA ticket prices.

What stops any of you from supporting the Indiana Fever? They have a strong chance to win a WNBA championship this year, behind the stength of a great team lead by an all-everything perennial MVP candidate who is regularly recognized for her good works off the court.

I'll admit it - I find the men's game more exciting, overall. But I greatly appreciate the fundamental skills and heart of most of the players in the WNBA. It's clear to me when I look at the younger players that the skill levels and athleticism are improving by leaps and bounds (no pun intended) and along with that is an increase in the level of excitement these players bring to the court. I'm pleased to be able to support the growth of a league that encompasses all of these things.

A native Hoosier that lives across the country, I can't attend any games. I catch what I can online and buy team merchandise. When I move to Indy soon-ish I am definitely getting Fever season tickets and I just might try to swing a trip if the team makes it to the Finals. I think the energy of a crowd has an impact on athletic performance and I hope people turn out in force for the Fever during the playoffs. We have a unique opportunity to build something (a strong, fan supported franchise) that we can enjoy and be proud of. We can have our cake and eat it too! For those of you still living in the land of basketball - what's stopping you?

Just reading the first paragraph of Tameka's bio ( gets me all riled up. She's a rare talent, a joy to watch. Who wouldn't want to support this lady?