I think that with us being frontcourt heavy and them being guard heavy we are a perfect trading partner.

Here is the idea, maybe to big of a trade to happen right now.

Pacers Get: Luther Head, Kirk Snyder, Bob Sura (wavie), Rafer Alston
Rockets Get: Jeff Foster, Mike Dunleavy

We could replace Snyder with John Lucas and Steve Novak and it would work. Then wavie them probably assuming the Rockets would want to keep Snyder.

We add 3 guards. Rafer can be our primary backup and Head would give us another shooter who can play the two. Snyder can play the 2 or 3 and is sort of a poor mans Marquis Daniels. I don't think that Dunleavy is OBs type of player, although a part of me feels he could really benefit from him he isn't a confidence shooter which will be a big turn off for OB IMO. So we balance our roster out.

Roster would be:


Maybe sign another big for depth. Someone like Brian Skinner, Malik Allen, Scot Pollard, Josh Powell, or Alexander Johnson.

The Rockets need a proven big badly and need to get rid of some of their guards. They get that in Jeff. And I think that Dunleavy would be a great fit in Rick Adelman's Princeton offense.

Roster would be:


Pretty decent. Adding two good starting quality frontcourt players would be a great addition to their team. Especially giving up backups, although Head is a good young talent with TMac, Francis, James, and Wells he won't play a whole lot IMO. I think it is a good deal for both teams.