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    Thumbs up Quiet Strength

    I was lucky enough to have someone wait in line for me at the Carmel book signing for an autographed copy.

    I don't buy alot of books but I think this is a must have not only for Colts fans. Received it last night , I read about 50 pages so far, a good easy ready.IMO.

    I have already learned a great deal that I did not know. Some family photos included as well, gives a good insight on Dungy's life and the road he has traveled.

    Dungy's favorite sport at least growing up was basketball, was a two sport athlete through the beginning of college. I really recommend it, not to mention the sentimental and historic value.

    Anyway that's my take...

    Why Not Us ?

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    Default Re: Quiet Strength

    thanks for the recommendation, i am planning on picking up a copy this weekend. Dungy definatley seems like a great person to get a few pointers on life from.

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