I'd just like to say that this series, and particularly last night's game, had an extreme amount of flopping and fouling. The refs aren't buying the flops, but they also aren't calling any fouls. So it swung both ways, but I actually thought Indy made a better effort to drive the lane and make contact... repeatedly I watched them get hacked to death and no call. Detroit had this happen too, but Indy got hardly any calls (Detroit led in FT attempts over the home-town Pacers by TEN)

Also, Detroit played some (physical... at times too rough) D and the refs just weren't doing anything about it. Ya it's hard to score when the D is slapping and shoving and hacking as much as they were. Indy was guilty too, but Detroit was just going ballistic with it. The Detroit homers will just say it was great D, and don't get me wrong it was some good D, but there were a lot of times where they shoulda got a whistle.

Finally, a team doesn't get 19 blocks without a goaltending. This is some serious bull. I will concede that their block party was impressive, but there were at least 3 of those 19 blocks that I thought shoulda been goaltending, and it was never called.

This was probably the most horribly reffed game I've ever seen, going both ways, but imo Detroit got the good side of calls most of the night. There were some ******** calls against Detroit but the no-calls against Indy was just atrocious.

I really hope the next game is called more evenly and consistently. I don't want to sit there and watch Ben swat a ball into the stands when it was just starting it's downward path and they don't call anything.

Indy needs to fight through this very rough defense and make some shots.