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    I have read the Pacer Digest posts for some time now but never wanted to respond. With the way this season is starting I find myself wanting to share my views on some of the posts. As a season ticket holder, I watched how the Pacers struggled last year. This is a new year and there is already so much controvercy that it is going to be a tough start again, in my opinion.
    I believe that there is not only a need for a few key players but also a need for determination and a well disciplined team. I hope that the new coach can bring those concepts back to the Pacers. I do not believe that the Pacers need to make a lot of trades. It takes time for players to play well together and how can they when the team keeps changing? Chemistry is not always a given, it has to be developed. There were players last season that got little playing time. They did not get a change to develop as a Pacer. For instance, Maceo Baston. He is a very nice addition to the Pacers but Rick gave him very little playing time. Yes, I know he had an injury that prevented this somewhat...but, who on the team didn't have some kind of injury. Maceo is very disciplined. As an example of this, almost after every gave you could see him running laps in the practice gym. He was not in the IndyStar with headlines. He is a very nice, fan friendly, respectable family man playing for the Pacers. He has talent. I just read the post that we may be losing him to the Raptors. And there are others interested in him. This should send a message to the Indiana Pacers that maybe we need to look at him again and offer him a contract. I think the "powers" of the Pacers are so interested in that championship that they are not looking at the big picture and the future of the team. I look forward to reading and posting as a new member. I am sorry for being so long winded.

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    Long winded is fine and appreciated at PD. Welcome to the board and in case you didn't know you have to post twice in the welcome area before you can post on the main site. Looking forward to your opinion.
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    Thank you for the "Welcomes" and also for the reminder that I needed to post twice. I did remember but was hesitant to go ahead until I got some responses from my original post. I was hoping that PD would be different from some of the other message boards that I have been a part of. There have been a few that turned out to be pretty harsh. I don't get into slamming someone because their opinion is different from mine or anyone elses. I think that anyone involved in this board wants only the best for the Indiana Pacers and that means we all may have different views. And that is OK because that is what makes the world go around. Who knows, with the right direction from the new coach and team playing maybe the Indiana Pacers can kick butt like the Indiana Fever are doing right now !!!

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    PD is actually quite civil compared to other places on the net thanks mainly to the great mods. welcome aboard!
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    press pause on the second slow-mo replay around 0:12 mark

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