The whole interview is on The Polian part is right at the beginning, so you don't have to listen to all the fluff afterwards.
In short:
Has a lot of faith in DeDe Dorsey as a backup to Addai. He and Dungy both fond of the 2 back system for obvious reasons.

Roy Hall should be valuable special teams contributor at the outset as a cover guy because he did that already at Ohio State and is something you rarely get out of the wide receiver position. Much better receiver than they initially thought. Thinks his natural abilities lie on the outside wide rather than slot.

Gonzo: What makes him a Colt: exceptional focus and work ethic, smarts, knack for finding openings in the D, ala D.Clark.

Tony Ugoh: will be utilized at every line positon except center. The peerless O-line coach, Howard Mudd, really thinks highly of him. Kind of ready built for left tackle in the Colts system as opposed to many of the tackles that went ahead of him.

Undrafted FA's: KaMichael Hall. Undersized and fast, good football IQ.
Melvin Bullitt Colts moved him to free safety from the strong side he played in college. Has a lot of range, like Bethea.

Said this preseason should be especially interesting due to the quality depth fighting for positions.