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Thread: The ROC's Trip To Indy

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    Default The ROC's Trip To Indy feels weird talking about this 24 hours later but I have been busy.

    #1. The Drive to Indy

    Well, it sucked. Me and my buddy left early (12) and it was a good thing we did. There were storms all throught Illinois and Northern Indy. Traffic on the Tri-State was very, very slow while I-80/94 only cost us a few minutes. Also, I-65 became a parking lot which only added to the frustration.

    Driving through Indy was quite, boring...I mean there is nothing along I-65 execpt for flat farm land and then all of a sudden BOOM, Welcome to Indianapolis. We arrived in our parking spot at 5:00 (thanks to going 85-90mph the whole way).

    #2 What a City!

    Both me and my friend were very impressed with the Downtown area of Indianapolis. It blows Milwaukee out of the water. It is such a nice city and I ended up taking alot of pictures of the nice buildings, gorgeous greenery and attractions.

    #3 Conseco Baby!
    It was nice, just as I expected. To be honest, I was so excited to be there that I really didn't get to tour the stadium...I spent all my time at Homecourt and down on the floor watching Johnson, Anderson, J Jones and Bender warm up.

    Our seats were nice, better than the cheap seats at the Bradley Center. Also, we talked to an usher and he was really, really nice. Just chatting about the Pacers and some of the Pistons. He kept the conversation going so I knew he was being genuine. It's the little things like that...they just made our trip even better.

    #4. The Game


    I was cheering so hard that I thought I was going to pass out. Seriously, I was dripping sweat. My buddy was cheering hard too, rooting his heart out for the P's! Conseco was rockin', it was everything I ever dreamed it could be. The game was sooooo good too. Even my friend started to notice some things that we always talk about on here.

    At one point he started asking me who that "big white guy" was (Jeff Foster). He then proceeded to tell me that he was impressed with him and he is the kind of guy you want on your team. Defense and Rebounding, thats all you need to be an impact player.

    He was also enamored with Ron Artest and his offensive skills. It seems only Pacer fans know that he is a big time defensive AND offensive player.

    He even bought a Pacers T-Shirt and said that if we kept going to games I was going to turn him into a Pacer fan!

    #5 The Pacemates

    They are hot as hell! Wow, TV does not do them Justice at all! WOW!

    #6 The Shot

    I can now die happy, not ony did I get to attend a Pacer Playoff game, I got to witness yet another Miller Moment. As soon as I saw Reg get the ball on the wing, I rose to my feet (aswell as about half of Conseco.)

    Then...BOOM BABY!!! I couldn't believe it (YES I COULD!) and I thought the roof was going to explode. Everyone was going crazy and the people of Indiana showed that they still worship Reggie with the chants of "REGGIE, REGGIE, REGGIE!" echoing through the building.

    Then it was all over

    #7 The Trip Back and the State Trooper

    So we headed back right after the game since I had to work at 11AM. We were about a mile from 80/94 on I-65 when a car pulled behind us and my friend was about to say "That looks like one of those unmarked highway patrol cars" when the car light up it's lights and hit the siren. DAMN!

    The Trooper told us that we were going 83 in a 55 (even though there were cars going 95 ). He then went back to his car and didn't come back FOREVER! I kept saying that the only reason he pulled us over was because we had Wisconsin plates otherwise he would have pulled over the truck that was going 90+ right next to us.

    He came back and told us that he knew we were going home and that he wasn't going to write a ticket. I don't know why, I thought we were a lock to get a ticket... maybe it was because the van was full of Pacer gear???

    Needless to say it was 5 over at most the rest of the way.

    Then when I got home, I turned on ESPN and the game was on again!

    What a day to remember, and for the rest of my life I will!

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    Default Re: The ROC's Trip To Indy

    Nice post. It's always great when any fan's anticipation of an event gets fulfilled to the fullest. I'm happy for you ROC.
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    Default Re: The ROC's Trip To Indy

    Great post ROC. I would like to say I also HATE I-65 north of Indy. It's a giant parking lot going at 85mph.
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    Default Re: The ROC's Trip To Indy

    nice story
    i know them pacemates are hot! whoa...They have to be top 5 in the league for hottest dancers.

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    Default Re: The ROC's Trip To Indy

    Great to hear that you had a great time. But you need to slow down a little, wow, I guess I am getting old when I hit 74 MPH in a 65 MPH zone I get a little nervous.

    It was a special game and for that being your first game, it must have blown you away. Reading your post makes me realize how lucky I am to be able to go to games all the time, and it brings back memories of my first playoff game.

    Traffic on I-69 is a lot sslower than on I-65

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    Default Re: The ROC's Trip To Indy

    there is nothing along I-65 execpt for flat farm land
    For future reference, there is a very nice, eh'em, gentlemen's club just off 65 in Lafayette called Chances Are. Not that I'd know, or anything...

    As for the ticket, you're lucky. That's a major speed trap, that couple mile stretch north of Merrilville. It drops down to 55 and no one pays attention cause they're thinking about getting on 80/94.
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