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Rumor Mill - Magic ready to swap Howard for Olowokandi?

Juwan Howard

Who's Interested?


Jan. 26 - GM John Gabriel has been shopping
Howard, along with swingman Gordan Giricek, since mid
December. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the Magic
may be interested in swapping Howard for T-Wolves center
Michael Olowokandi.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Jalen Rose has been
pushing the Raptors to make a trade for Howard. The
Cavs, Sonics, Nuggets and Pistons have also reportedly
shown interest.

Rasheed Wallace

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Jan. 26 - The latest 'Sheed rumor over the weekend,
courtesy of the Newark Star-Ledger, involved a
three-team trade that would have sent Wallace to
Atlanta, Shareef Abdur-Rahim to New York and Keith Van
Horn to Portland. However, talks reportedly broke down
because the Blazers insisted Kurt Thomas also needed to
be part of the deal. The Knicks still appear to be the
team most interested in Wallace, with the Cavs, Rockets
and Nets also keeping tabs on him.

Donnie Nelson and Blazers GM John Nash met last week to
discuss a trade that would send Wallace to Dallas for
Antawn Jamison and Tariq Abdul-Wahad. The meeting lasted
about 20 minutes and ended without a deal. Nelson told
the Dallas Morning News that the talks with the Blazers
are "dead" and "it never really was alive."'s
Marc Stein reported this weekend that owner Paul Allen
decided he wanted to keep Wallace for now. Does that
mean that 'Sheed is officially off the trading block?

Zydrunas Ilgauskas

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Jan. 26 - Is Zydrunas off the block? With so many
teams in need of a big man, Ilgauskas has been a pretty
hot commodity. The Mavs (for Antawn Jamison), Knicks
(for Keith Van Horn and Frank Williams) and Blazers (for
Rasheed Wallace) have all tried to pry Ilgauskas away,
but so far GM Jim Paxson isn't biting.

Now comes word from the Akron Beacon Journal on Sunday
that Ilgauskas is off the block and will remain with the
team for the rest of the season.

Melvin Ely

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Jan. 26 - The O.C. Register reported Friday the
Clippers were shopping little-used power forward Melvin
Ely, who's mired on the bench behind Elton Brand, Chris
Wilcox, Chris Kaman and Peja Drobjnak. "It's hard to get
all the minutes around at that position," coach Mike
Dunleavy said. "We have Brand, we have Kaman, Wilcox and
Drobnjak. On a given night, you're only going to play
three, maybe four guys."

The Chicago Tribune reported Monday the Bulls might be
interested in an Ely-for-Marcus Fizer swap. Fizer is in
the last year of his contract, which would allow the
Clippers to get further under the cap this summer to
make a run at Kobe Bryant.

Eddy Curry

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Jan. 21 - On Tuesday Insider first reported that Bulls
GM John Paxson had recently dangled Eddy Curry and Tyson
Chandler in trade discussions. While sources claimed
that Paxson was in no way giving the Baby Bulls away,
the fact that the two were no longer untouchable was
significant. Paxson essentially confirmed the story in
Wednesday's editions of the Chicago Sun-Times. "I played
with one guy who was untouchable or untradeable," Paxson
said of Michael Jordan. "There are maybe a handful of
guys in the league right now who fit in that category.
The fact we're 12-29 answers whether any of our guys are

While Paxson said he's not inclined to deal Curry or
Chandler, he's got to start looking at the
opportunities. "I'm disappointed, and I know our fans
are disappointed," Paxson said. "But I can't afford to
panic. When you look at our two big, young kids, it's
hard to make an argument to give up on them. They're
still in their infancy in this league. . . I'm not
panicking. But I'm not going to be super-cautious,
either. You just have to believe that what you do will
significantly help your team."

Keith Van Horn

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Jan. 20 - It sure sounds like Keith Van Horn's days
in New York are numbered. Isiah Thomas keeps talking
about landing an athletic forward to run with Stephon
Marbury -- a not so subtle dig at Van Horn. The question
is whether Thomas can get someone to take on the last
two years, and $30 million of Van Horn's contract.
Thomas has tried to convince Portland and Cleveland to
take him, to no avail. Is there another team out there
that wants Van Horn? Conventional wisdom says no.

Jamal Crawford

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Jan. 20 - The Chicago Sun-Times reported Sunday
that Bulls GM John Paxson and Knicks president Isiah
Thomas had spoken about a Crawford-to-the-Knicks trade.
According to the New York Daily News, the Knicks offered
Shandon Anderson and Frank Williams for Crawford and
Eddie Robinson. While the Bulls are exploring trade
options for Crawford, it's unlikely that they'll pull
the trigger on the Knicks trade.

Eric Snow

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Jan. 20 - The Sixers quietly have been exploring a
Snow trade for the last few weeks, but they aren't
finding any takers. While a number of teams love him as
a player, the five years remaining on his contract are a

Ron Mercer

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Jan. 20 - The Spurs have been trying to move
Mercer for about a month. The Pistons have been trying
to get him from San Antonio, but don't have anything the
Spurs want in return. The two teams have tried to find a
third team to make something happen, but so far, nothing
has worked out.

Antawn Jamison

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Jan. 19 - He's safe for now. Trade talks with
the Blazers broke off over the weekend, meaning Jamison
can breathe a little easier for now. The Cavs also have
shown some interest, and the Mavs have pursued Zydrunas
Ilgauskas in the past, but Mavs owner Mark Cuban
continues to claim he's happy with the team and isn't
inclined to make a trade.

Shareef Abdur-Rahim

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Jan. 19 - The interest in Abdur-Rahim around
the league is enormous. The Akron Beacon Journal
reported Sunday that Abdur-Rahim wants out and the Cavs
wouldn't mind taking him off the Hawks' hands. The New
York Post reported the Blazers are trying to send
Rasheed Wallace to Atlanta for Abdur-Rahim and Chris

The question is whether the Hawks actually will trade
him. Don't count on it, unless two things happen. One,
the sale of the team finally is approved by the league
sometime in January. And two, the Hawks find takers for
Theo Ratliff and Jason Terry. If they can get those guys
off the books, trading Abdur-Rahim gives them lots of
cap flexibility.

Tracy McGrady

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Jan. 15 - The Orlando Sentinel reports the
Blazers called the Magic about a McGrady-for-Rasheed
Wallace swap. GM John Gabriel denied McGrady was on the
block. McGrady's response to the rumor? "I don't believe
any of that, but I did hear the Rasheed rumor," McGrady
said. "I think there would be a lot of disappointed
Orlando fans if that happened." No kidding.

Marcus Camby

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Jan. 15 - Isiah Thomas called Nuggets GM Kiki
Vandeweghe over the weekend about Camby's availability
but reportedly was shut down. The Nuggets are leaning
toward keeping Camby around, given their success in the
West this year. That doesn't mean Camby isn't available
at the right price, but the Knicks have nothing the
Nuggets really want.

Jason Terry

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Jan. 15 - Terry has been pushing Hawks management
to make a trade, even if he has to be included in it.
Plenty of teams are interested, but Terry is a base-year
compensation player, making a one-for-one swap virtually
impossible. Unless he's paired up with someone like Theo
Ratliff or Shareef Abdur-Rahim in a blockbuster-type
trade, Terry's going to have to ride out the storm in

Theo Ratliff

Who's Interested?


Jan. 15 - Ratliff's ongoing feud with coach
Terry Stotts has put him in the crosshairs. There's talk
the Blazers want Ratliff and would be willing to swap
Rasheed Wallace for him if the Hawks also included
Terry. Terry is a base-year player, which makes that
trade more difficult, but it is doable with the right

The Grizzlies also have interest in Ratliff, but they're
running out of ammo to get him. A combo of Stromile
Swift, Jake Tsakalidis and Shane Battier might be
enough, but is the injury-prone Ratliff really worth
that price?