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Thread: Nice Gonzo article from Clayton

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    Default Nice Gonzo article from Clayton

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    Default Re: Nice Gonzo article from Clayton

    He sounds like a winner. However we won the superbowl in last year, not 2004. We won with a strong defense, not 49 regular season touchdown passes.

    I still wish we would have drafted defense.
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    Default Re: Nice Gonzo article from Clayton

    Yeah - and the Pats lost the AFC title game to the Colts because they had no depth on defense - they completely wore down in the 2nd half. Had nothing to do with Branch and Givens.

    It's nice that he likes Gonzales but he seems not to realize that the Pats won their SB's with very solid offense and great defense - and when the Colts got it done their playoffs went the same way.

    Offense-only didn't get it done for the Colts for 5 straight years and it won't get it done next year either.
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