Wow - what a roller coaster this has been. I never thought anything would compare to the "Artest Year" but I was wrong. Do I complain about the team? Yeah, sometimes I do - I can do that - I'm a fan. But the important thing is the Pacers have been my team for 40 years and they will always will be.

The thing that affects me most is when the season ends, a lot of you guys disappear until training camp opens again. Being over here, there is the loss of familiar comments and rants. PD is family to me. I know I can come and visit here just about any day during the season and "visit" with family. It may be hard for some of you to understand the loss of that is significant to me.

So . . . another season ends tonight. Yes, there will be another season and we will all be together again. I do think next season will be a lot better for this team for one reason or another. Even though a break is good, it's just a damn long time to wait to be reunited.

Good luck to all of you over the spring and summer!