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    Hi Everyone,

    I am new here since the big trade. I like the feel of this organization far better than the one I came from. Not sure what it is but maybe just all of the personalities that make up both the organizations are very different. Also, California is a lot different than Indiana and I am leaning toward liking Indiana a whole lot more than California.

    I have been and remain a Mike Dunleavy fan since his days at Jesuit High. He seems to be playing much better and more relaxed since he is in Indiana.

    I am female and older. I work in export sales shipping to Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Venezuela. I am married to a guy who does not like basketball. I have no children. I have three dogs and four cats. I like my animals more than I like some people.

    Dogs names are
    Windsor - Yellow lab
    Hoops - Fox red lab
    Mikey Blue Brownie - Chocolate lab

    Cats names are
    King Hootie Hoots - Tabby
    Raymond of Stockville - Tabby
    Missie Girlie Girl - Gray and White
    Bernie Kindheart - Tabby
    All from the same litter

    I love to swim, laugh and am always way too analytical about everything and sometimes pay way too much attention to detail. I think it is because I am female. I tend to look at things different. That is why I have not posted yet. I am trying to feel everyone out to make sure I don't make any waves. The Golden State forums are so full of arguments and disrespect. I am looking forward to the Indian board for some intelligent conversations. From what I have read so far it looks perfect for me.


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    Thanks for the kind words.

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    How are you doing

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