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Thread: Mike Dunleavy's blog (11/18)

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    Default Mike Dunleavy's blog (11/18)

    Practice? I'm talking 'bout practice!
    By Mike Dunleavy

    Practice. We're not talking about a game. We're talking 'bout practice. Not a game. Practice.

    That's what I'm finally up to these days. Normally, as a player this isn't something you get overly excited about (just ask A.I.), but since I haven't practiced since last January, I was a little gung-ho for my first one.

    Thus far, it has gone well. I can go for an hour but they are keeping me in the half-court when we scrimmage. The next step of playing full-court should come real soon. After that, I'm hoping to get cleared to play for the real deal.

    The only hold up in the foreseeable future is that we don't have a lot of practices coming up. With all the games we having over the next couple weeks, it makes it hard to squeeze in practices. I really need a week or so of good solid scrimmages before I'll feel comfortable or the training staff will give me the OK.

    I'm trying to get everything back all at once: conditioning, timing, strength, etc. It's not like I've been out six weeks; it's been nine months since I've played so this takes some time.

    That being said, once I get fully back, I may be a little rusty but I think I will be able to contribute to helping the team win games. My minutes will be limited at first but it was the same thing last year so I have a feel for how to be productive in short stints.

    Then again, if we keep winning like the way we are, maybe I should just hold off and let these guys keep rolling. I don't want to ruin a good thing.

    The team has won five in a row for the first time in years. Couple that with the Colts' undefeated start and things are looking good around here.

    After we beat Boston on Saturday night, I got a chance to go to the Colts-Patriots game on Sunday night. It goes without saying that it was unbelievable. It was like a playoff atmosphere at the stadium and both teams put on a show. It doesn't get any better than a last-second victory over a rival opponent.

    The fans thus far have been great and we look forward to even more support as the season moves along. It's gonna be fun to watch, I guarantee it.

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    Default Re: Mike Dunleavy's blog (11/18)

    This space for rent.

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    Default Re: Mike Dunleavy's blog (11/18)

    Can't wait for Mike to come back, he's a class act and a very good basketball player.

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    Default Re: Mike Dunleavy's blog (11/18)

    Definitely could use Dunleavy right now. Not liking the Ford/Watson backcourt that we're starting to see a little too much in my opinion.

    I enjoy Rush and his defense but this guy needs some fire and emotion. He looks like a lost kid on the court most of the time. He's afraid to do wrong AND well! I'm not sure what finally clicked for him at the end of last year, but he needs to get back to it!

    Dunleavy will just add so much when he comes back. Size on the wings, depth, shooting, great IQ, he just brings some much to the table.

    Dahntay joins has been great, but we saw last night what can happen in 2nd half once the defense focuses on Granger. We need someone who can stop the cold streak, and someone that other defenses consistently need to worry about other then Danny.

    Dunleavy is that guy.

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