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Thread: Hoopsworld JO Rumor

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    Quote Originally Posted by wintermute View Post
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    that would be the main consideration if we were a contending team that is a few pieces away. unfortunately we are closer to being a rebuilding team than a contender, which means accumulation of talent - regardless of positional need - is all important.

    bottomline is, if the lakers want jermaine, they better offer up bynum.

    anyway, it's not as if we have a logjam at center. sf is where the congestion is - reminds me of the time when we had artest, harrington, and bender at that position.
    Trading JO for Bynum and garbage is a DOWNGRADE in talent.

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    Default Re: Hoopsworld JO Rumor

    I'm with Shade on this all the way. Clearly the team needs backcourt help. Of course throwing out their only frontline player that can demand a double team on a regular basis would end up making them weak there too, but guys like Bynum don't solve that.

    Talent-wise this team could afford to lose Granger or Dun A LOT more than JO, even though it would mean less coming back. You chase picks and prospects in hopes that they BECOME JO. Why chase something when you've already got it?

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