Who saw that coming? Be honest now.

Couple of things I really liked.

Danny Granger might have played his best game of the season. He drove the ball again and again and he even posted up once. That was great to see.

Dunleavy was also very aggressive and DG and Mike were the keys to the win.

We also can't discount what Jeff Foster did tonight. He battled Shaq as hard as he could and did a pretty good job.

I think it is obvious that Jeff needs to be in the starting lineup, he needs to play with the starters. Not really sure why, but the lineup just seems better with Jeff in there instead of Murphy

That is about all I have.

Edit: I don't want to make too much of it, but the Pacers defense was really good tonight, in fact the past 4 games the Pacers defense has been pretty good. I think to at least some degree, I'm seeing much better defense from the pacers. More aggressive and much better at helping and controlling the ball