...But he turned down the offer to drive the Pace car.


On March 24, Manning's 31st birthday, he's slated to be the guest host on "Saturday Night Live," which will give him a national forum to show a comedic side fans rarely see outside his commercials.

May is filling up, too. Manning told The Associated Press on Monday he will be the grand marshal for the Indianapolis 500 parade and the official starter for the May 27 race. But he turned down the invitation to drive the pace car so he wouldn't risk injury while going at 150 mph around the 2 1/2 -mile oval.


Note by Bball: I don't think the Pace car ever reaches 150MPH. I know it accelerates on the pace lap coming to the green flag to separate from the field and get in the pits in turn 4 but I don't that is even 150MPH. 100MPH sounds more like it.

In any case, gotta respect the decision not to risk something like that even tho the odds of anything happening are pretty small.