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Thread: looking for a car

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    Default looking for a car


    I will be looking for a car probably over the summer.

    I can't decide what I want.

    Here is my criteria:

    - Price has to be between 6-8 k
    - Less than 80,000 miles, hopefully.
    - 02 or newer
    - Fairly good gas mileage, perferably atleast 25
    - I want it to be somewhat sporty, not a girls car of course (ie no Sunfire)

    I have came up with two cars that I might be able to get:

    - Dodge Neon
    - Fort Escort ZK2

    Anyone else got any other ideas? I know that my criteria isn't going to yield me a ton of opitions.

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    Default Re: looking for a car

    Shouldn't be a problem. Once summer comes around, start checking and work your way from there.

    No car for sale now will be for sale this summer.
    This space for rent.

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    Default Re: looking for a car

    Datsun 120y

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    Default Re: looking for a car

    Yugo, I don't think those cars ever ran more than 20K without breaking down. You should be able to find one of them for a good

    Just kidding, I would agree with Anthem here. Watch Auto trader, and you can also check out Carmax's website as well. That should be able to tell you a little more about what you could afford in that price range.

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