First of all, what the hell is a Shawne Williams? What the hell is a Jamaal Tinsley? What the hell is a David Harrison? I could keep going but the point is, just a couple of years ago, we had Al Harrington, Brad Miller, Jalen Rose, and other young players that I still didn't like, but I'd take Jonathan Bender over some of these dudes at this point.

Why do we not have Al Harrington anymore? Why do we not have James 'Flight' White anymore? So we take 2 hood dudes, trade them for 2 pasty white boys?

Ok, I like the Danny Granger pick, Jermaine is probably getting pissed and balling his a$$ off. We haven't had a legit 2-guard since Reggie. Jeff Foster isn't a start, but a great off the bench player. Can we get Paul Pierce please? Can we draft Acie Law please? Larry bird believes that he wants an all wingman team. Well guess what, Tinsley's chubby and doesn't play defense, has an inconsistent jumper and no heart. And I liked Tinsley.

I'm confused, and I'm ranting. Maybe we could trade away the whole team, keep O'Neal and draft Oden. Or Durant.

Just realized, that Joakim Noah would be a great center for the Pacers.

Later folks,