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Thread: Trading J.O.

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    Default Re: Trading J.O.

    Please trade everyone~rebuilt this team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mellifluous View Post
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    Here are some ideas. They all should work economically. Feel free to throw in a pick here or there if you think it could happen. Charlotte has enough cap room that they could take on JO's salary and not give up all their players.

    A couple of these (the Hinrich trade + the Boston trade) would have to go through next season for cap reasons. Hinrich makes 11,000,000 next year and the Bulls would have the cap room to take on the other 8,000,000 or so. Kendrick Perkins salary jumps from ~1,000,000 this year to ~4,000,000 next year.


    Emeka Okafor + Gerald Wallace


    JO for Ray Allen + Damien Wilkins
    JO + Shawne for Ray Allen + Earl Watson


    JO for Theo Ratliff + Kendrick Perkins + Delonte West + a 1st round pick


    JO for Kirk Hinrich + a 1st round pick
    JO for Ben Wallace + Ben Gordon


    JO for Dampier, Devin Harris, Shawn Bradley


    JO + Tins for Odom, Farmar, Kwame Brown
    JO for Odom, Farmar, Radmanovic


    JO for Pau Gasol + either Stromile Swift or Brian Cardinal


    JO for Mark Blount, Mike James, + either Marko Jaric or Troy Hudson

    New Jersey

    JO for Jason Kidd + 1st Rd. Pick

    New York

    JO for Steve Francis, Channing Frye, Mardy Collins + 1st Rd. Pick


    JO for Raef Lafrentz, Joel Pryzbilla, & Jarrett Jack + 1st rd. pick

    Let me know if you like any of these. I'm not sure that I do.
    No teams would make that trade except maybe Portland or the Knicks.
    I'm not here to bash J.O. but he doesn't have the same value as Shaq did.
    I don't want to see Jerm traded, but we ALL KNOW that there is going to be a meeting at season's end w/ TPTB. It is hard to imagine how that meeting is going to go on either side right now.
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    Default Re: Trading J.O.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bball View Post
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    I agree we won't have much choice but the problem will be his contract versus relative trade value and exactly what we'd expect in return.

    I'm not sure reality lines up with expectations...

    Of course I'm looking at it from the POV that it's time to move O Neal (past time actually).

    That's probably the case....but unless we package Granger with Tinsley...there is going to be little chance for us to make any real improvements on the roster. We may need to bite the bullet and simply take back solid 2nd tier players instead of a top tier player. I know its not optimal.....but...again...I don't think we are going to have any real choice.

    We all know that we have to get a new PG and a new starting SG, while...hopefully...getting rid of Tinsley. To me...this is not something that I am hoping for...this is something that I think is imperative in order for us to make it out of this rut. If I have to go through another season being forced to play Dunleavy at the SG spot cuz Marquis is out of commision.......
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