There may not be any moral victories in the NBA - but at least we saw the effort tonight, at least we saw a little desire, a little aggression, a little heart, a little energy.

The second half was fun to watch and great to see - and it just shows what a little hustle can do for a team

3 players I want to focus on. Green, Murphy and Dunleavy

1) Murphy - finally a little aggression - and he took the ball to the basket (we have to remember horrible defenders were guarding him, mostly Brad Miller or Corliss) - but it was still great to see him driving the ball. I didn't know he could do that

2) Green - good coaching decision to have him on the floor a lot tonight with a point guard. Green did what he does, defend, create havoc, cause turnovers and just make things happen

3) Dunleavy - I don't care about his contract, I don't care than it seems like Pacers fans are turning on him. I really like his game he's the second best passer on the team, he's completely unselfish and generally makes the "right play"

Turnovers in the first half and rebounding in the second half were the undoing.

But I can't complain about the effort