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you are right but that team had veterans and wouldnt need to call every single play. It just reminds me of when i played basketball in highschool if we did something that wasnt called by the coach on the court we would be like oh **** and look over to see if he was upset it just made it uptight, and he and rick are both micromanagers
So because you hate micromanagers, there shouldn't be any? Well I happen to like them, so what's the difference? Your opinion isn't any better than mine, and mine isn't any better than yours.

This team HAS to have a micromanager, and you explained why in the above highlighted sentence. The 2000 finals team had players capable of calling their own plays/running them correctly.

This team DOESN'T. If you don't have a team capable of doing that, are you honestly suggesting that they still should be allowed too? Their team leaders, and I fully view the PG position as the most important one, are a player with horrible decision making skills on/off the court, a 39y/o that's breaking/broken down, and a 3rd(?) year player who's here mostly because of defense.

If Rick had the players that were capable of handling an opened up offense, I'm positive we would see one, but he doesn't have them so he doesn't open it up. I can say that not only based on the 2000 team, but because he did it last year after Tinsley went down for the umpteenth time, and AJ was granted the starter even if Tins came back. Rick thought he had a player capable, which I didn't agree with but non-the-less he opened up the offense for him.