Hey guys, been a while since i've checked in but I wanted to share a little info...

I sat down with Jermaine for about 15 minutes following the Clippers loss and we talked about where the heart of this problem is coming from. The issue Jermaine has right now is he hates the offense. Ok maybe hate is a strong word but it's broken. He feels teams have figured it out... That the coaches will call out a play and the opposing bench will call out exactly what is coming. Teams have been sending double teams as soon as Jermaine touches the ball in the post. It used to be they would wait until he started to make his move, and now they won't even let him do that. They are daring us to shoot and no one is hitting their shots. He said he has been trying to step out of the post and shoot but if he misses, we have no rebounders so our possessions are typically one-and-done.

It seems to me that our leader does not believe in our offense right now, which I think is saying something considering the offense is supposed to be built for him.

Also of note, I spoke with Donnie after the Clippers game and he said he's never been one to put a lot of stock in a single game but he was clearly concerned with the current slide. After the game he said it was one of those games where it makes you look at your coaches and players and everyone involved and ask "what the (bleep) is going on?"

He also said the team is already gearing up for the draft and my impression was that they are going to trade for a first round pick.

Edit: Here is most of the post-game with Jermaine. It's about 8 minutes long so give the file some time to load. Enjoy! http://www.absolutepacers.com/audio/JO.WAV