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Thread: Rhodes, Barber or Dillon....

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    Thumbs up Rhodes, Barber or Dillon....

    Just a quick thought...

    Barber retiring due to running the ball too much.
    Dillon retiring due to running the ball too much.
    Rhodes, free agent, 2 strikes, but not a Tank or Bengals player.

    Should the colts try to either get Barber or Dillon and tell them 2 back system 1/2 the carries and cut ties to Dominic or give the 130+ yard runner another try?

    Adam kicked the Patriots this year. How nice would it be to run it on them as well with Dillon as the non-primary back?

    I am for either Barber or Dillon.

    I believe either would go to a super bowl champ, quicker & cheapter than with any other team knowing the 2 back system. What are your thoughts?

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    Default Re: Rhodes, Barber or Dillon....

    Tiki is retiring for a number of reasons than too many carries, as is Dillion.

    Besides that, Dillion was just in a two back system.

    Dillion - 199 carries
    Maroney - 175 carries
    Rhodes - 187 carries
    Addai - 226 carries

    The difference between Rhodes and Corey is less than 1 carry per game.

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