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Thread: Post Game - Pacers lose to Suns

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    Default Re: Post Game - Pacers lose to Suns

    Anyone who knows anything about the Suns knows that they can run for 48 minutes a game. They play rope-a-dope with the other team, baiting them into a run-and-gun style. When the other team finally runs out of gas, the Suns take over. And that's exactly what happened to us.

    This team just isn't good enough. I don't blame the effort last night at all, we just aren't good enough. The biggest problem is, we have no identity. We're too busy always trying to outplay other teams at their own game that we can't get any kind of rhythm going out there. That's why you see us having 20+ turnovers trying to play a style we're not used to playing.

    On top of that, Foster (or Baston...yes, I said Maceo Baston should start) and Quis should be starting. Murphleavy is going to end up being vastly overpaid bench help, as I suspected from the start. Hello, Austin Crosheres II & III.

    This team is poorly assembled and poorly coached.

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    Default Re: Post Game - Pacers lose to Suns

    Quote Originally Posted by mellifluous View Post
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    No offense, but I think you're crazy. JO was the only reason the Pacers didn't lose by 20. 6 blocks and who knows how many shots were missed because he challenged them. You'd be hard pressed to find a superstar player who's working as hard on the defensive end of the floor as JO is right now. He was brilliant last night. He had an impact on nearly every play during the game while he was on the floor.

    The Pacers lost this game on offense, and it wasn't JO who lost it.

    Did anybody notice how much more controlled DA played when he knew he was going to get major minutes?

    Do the 7 TO's count for anything? JO, played a good game, but he is not CLUTCH, and never will be.

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    Default Re: Post Game - Pacers lose to Suns

    Now that i've cleared my head and had time to think and even rewatched the game here are my thoughts about some things that could have been done in hindsight to maybe help the team out.

    Like many of you already say is Rick should start Marquis Daniels, everyone else starts with their best players on the floor but not good ol' Rick . It's pretty much obvious that needs to happen, but I think they're too worried about doing something like that would shatter Dunleavy's confidence and he would end up sucking in any other role. That's the only reason I can think that we keep Dunleavy as a starter. The crazy thing is the guy puts up pretty good numbers from his position, even watching the game closely paying attention to him I'm always shocked to see the box score at the end of the game or for Denari to bring up his stat line for example the game against the Kings 18 points 9 rebounds 4 assists and 1 block. Those are pretty fantastic numbers from a shooting guard only thing that I can harp on is Dunleavy relies on his jumpers and outside shot and you're not going to see him drive to the rim as often as a Marquis and create his own shot for a higher percentage shot in and around the basket. The only time you're gonna see Dunleavy driving to the basket is if you see Jermaine is down on the low block with the ball in his hands Dunleavy will cut to the rim and that does two things at once and is actually one of the few brilliant things Rick has drawn up. It pulls a defender away from JO and it gives Dunleavy an opportunity in and around the basket where her normally wouldn't get that kind of a shot.

    Another thing that I forgot that consistently ticked me off was watching Troy Murphy stand out on the 3 point arc WIDE OPEN he'd plant and look like he was gonna shoot head fake, take 1 jab step towards the basket than pass off to the guy that's like 3 feet away from him, in which the Pacers would have to repost JO he'd throw it back out and we'd swing the ball around two or three times for an open 3, but honestly Murph should have been taking at least a few of those shot attempts. Another thing about Murphy was as soon as he picked up that 4th foul he had a giant target on his back, the suns just kept running right at him and he became a huge vulnerability and the suns exploited it badly.

    Which makes me wonder WHERE is Maceo Baston in that situation he would have been fantastic to run against the suns and he plays good enough defense. Another option would have been to put Ike in as the PF(Had 7 points in 7 minutes) and have JO slide over to center, both would have been a good decision JO was owning Amare all night long anyways it's not like he had to slide over to guard Yao Ming or Shaq. I think sometimes the reason Rick doesn't make these obvious subs other than the fact his little card doesn't say it's time to put this player into the game yet, is because he is also horrible at making in-game adjustments which everybody knows. If ONE thing deviates from the norm of what is expected and what was practiced we might be able to pull out a win, but you can expect it to be tight the whole way.

    Hopefully rick takes a LONG hard look at the game film and takes notice of some of these things, but I doubt it cause what is blatantly obvious to what's left of this fanbase is completely a mystery to Rick.

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