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Im gonna have to disagree with that. We have one all-star surrounded with a bunch of decent roleplayers. To be contenders, you pretty much gotta have 2 star-calibre players, preferably one in the backcourt and one in the front. Danny might develop into an star-calibre player on but that could take awhile and Im still not sure thats gonna happen. As the team is currently constructed, we are an average team talent-wise and that is reflected in the .500 record.

I agree though that it is frustrating to see the guys go out there and not give the effort. Thats been a trait of our team for a couple seasons now unfortunately. The players just don't believe they can win and I don't know how this problem can be fixed. Maybe if we got that 2nd star player the team would start beleiving in themselves again? I don't know...
We are not championship contenders but this team does have talent. Granger,Daniels,S.Williams,Diagu are all very talented players who should provide energy of course ,Williams and Diagu rarely play an Daniels didn't play the first 2/3rd of the season.Foster,Murphy and Dunlevy are solid role players.In the East this team should be good enough to battle for 3rd or 4th best record and nights when they play with energy you can see why but far to often they play like an old team.

The most concern I have is this team doesn't try to play defense.Thats different then saying we're not very good defensively. Sure we don't have the greatest defensive players but then again M.Jackson/R.Miller combinations wasn't great either but they tried there best.This team doesn't put its best effort on in that end of the court.