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I think Jermaine cares. Nothing suggests to me that this guy will bail on this team until they bail on him. He is loyal as hell. He gives his all cause thats what he knows how to do. Its not his personality type to ask out.
I think he meant that why should Jermaine care. No doubt the guys gives it his all every night, but he has to question why. I really didnt see any guy out there besides him that cared. DA just got angry. That was it. He didnt care, he showed emotion. Tinsley wasnt horrible but he was Tinsely. Im not blaming him for the loss by any means but we need more especially on the defensive end. Granger was well i have no idea what was going on with him tonight. Dunleavy was playing so well and then got benched. Why? Really Rick what were you thinking? We really need a new coach. Tonight has clearly shown me that. RC does not get through to the players at all. I hope JO rips into these guys bad tonight.