Dear ABA Owners,

I have one Keeper League team right now that's available to be taken over by a new owner. This is not a new expansion team but an existing team whose owner has dropped out. Right now that team is 5-11 and in line to pick somewhere between 5 and 10 in next year's draft. The roster is as follows:

Mike James
Kevin Martin
Monta Ellis
Andres Nocioni
Donyell Marshall
Travis Outlaw
Boris Diaw
Omeka Okafor
Brandon Roy
Marvin Williams
David West
Joel Pryzbilla

An extremely rough overview of the KL is this: From one season to the next, each team retains 9 players from the previous season. We have a 3-rd draft each fall with the poorest team from the previous season selecting first. Teams submit their 9-player protected lists to me about a week before the draft. We do trade over the summer, beginning whenever the NBA opens FA signings (usually around August 1) through the date for protected lists being submitted.

If you're interested, please contact me either by e-mail or PM me here. The way this works is as follows: Once I have some interested owners I submit those names to the current KL owners for a vote where they rank their preferences. Even if you're not selected at this point you may have a later opportunity if someone drops out before the start of the season.

Also, keep in mind that I'm basing this on the assumption that we can find a fantasy site with scoring similar to what had - either with that site re-opening or another option. Based on owner comments, I highly doubt the KL will survive in its current form with a site with scoring similar to