While most everyone is harping on off-court issues and who should be traded the Pacers are playing pretty well.

With a win tonight....
The Pacers will be the 5th team in the east to reach 30 wins.
The Pacers will possess the second best road record in the east ( Detroit)
The Pacers will have won 4 straight.
The Pacers will be 6 games over .500 or their best record since they were 15-8 last season.

in the last 10 games...
Jamaal Tinsley is averaging 9.0 assists, 2.1 steals and 16.6 points.
Mike Dunleavy is shooting .341 from the arc, 5.0 rebounds and 13.2 points.
Danny Granger is shooting .424 from the arc and 16.3 points.
Jermaine O'Neal in 9 games is going to the line 8.6 times, pulling in 10.3 rebounds, 3.2 blocks and 23.4 points.
Troy Murphy in 9 games is shooting .667 from the arc, 6.3 boards and 10 points.
Marquis Daniels in the 3 games he's played is shooting .556 from the floor, 4.6 rebounds and 18 points a game.
Jeff Foster is pulling down 7.8 rebounds and shooting .515 from the floor.
Darrell Armstrong while his shooting %'s are down is still getting 6.4 points and 1.3 steals and providing that spark.

With the schedule next month right now is the time for this team to step it up. The main rotation has been playing well the last couple of weeks and the future schedule will either make or break this team.