Colts = class and no problems, Pacers = problem children

Um, yeah.
DUI + 26 mph over the limit for Rhodes

And Dallas Clark got himself kicked out of a GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL basketball game just to spice things up.

(being sarcasm that most of the posters missed before I edited this comment in)
Wow, it's so tough rooting for those Colts thugs. Personally I won't return to the dome till they cut both of these bad seeds. At least when Jack or Tins argued with a basketball ref they were actually playing...and it wasn't girls high school.

I hope Irsay does the right thing and cleans house. These 2 and Mike Doss all must go, I've had enough of the outrageous, thuggish behavior. I would rather the Colts play the "right way" than win SuperBowls at any cost.

(end of bitter sarcasm)

Seriously, there are some voices here at PD that have some explaining to do right about now. Lots of big talk that at least of few of us correctly called BS on.