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When was Tinsley arrested this year?

Or is it "guilty by association"?

Or is Jackson taking the "fall" for Tinsley?

Not sure what you are saying here, outside that presence at a bar-fight is now worse then driving a car DUI 50% over the speed limit.

What if he had hit one of your friends?
Where did I say he WAS arrested?

Or is it "put words in my mouth," not once but twice in the same post.

Show me where I said that a bar fight is worse than driving drunk.

And on a personal note, one of my friends did die in an auto accident where the driver had been drinking. The driver was also a very good friend.

But guess what, that's been four weeks and his blood draw level still hasn't been released. He blew a .27 on the scene, but even the lead investigating officer admitted to my face that the onsite PBT was wrong. The hospital, unoffically, tested him at .05, which is under the legal limit.

I'm involved in a situation first hand worse than this, and the current situation has given me a little more insight on how the state actually determines you were "drunk." The link you posted said he tested a .09, which btw is unofficial because that has to come from the ISP and that could take over a week. I was also told that the onsite PBT, hospital test, and the ISP tests hardly ever match up. He said that sometimes they go up, sometimes they go down, and it's not out of the question that it varies by .03 (he said .03 specifically because that would be the change needed in my friends case for him to be considered drunk).

But again, show me where I said Tinsley had been arrested twice and where I said that a bar fight is worse than drunken driving.